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Postcode: 8820

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Contact Person: Kyriacos Hadjisavvas

Phone: +357 26 323 333

Description in English:

Kyriacos has an enormous amount of experience, having worked within the computer industry since he was 16 years old. After gaining a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Information Technology, he worked in England for two large retailers Ė one as a second line computer support and another as a systems engineer. When he came to live in Cyprus last year, he noticed a void in the market in Polis and the surrounding areas for his particular expertise, becoming aware that people had to travel quite a few kilometres for the services that he now provides on your doorstep in his shop in Polis, The PC Store.

Kyriacos appreciates the importance of computers in most of our lives and that some of us struggle to function without them! His repair, virus clean-up and data recovery service is therefore always given priority and done on-site (unless a customer requires him to go to them), usually completed within a couple of days. He offers a free diagnosis, unless the problem is such that finding the root of it involves considerable time, with a quotation and explanation being given before the repair is undertaken.

You canít miss the shop if you come from the new roundabout near the Bank of Cyprus down towards Akis Express and with parking right outside, itís an easy and convenient place to drop off or collect your items for repair or to call into for all of your computer needs. This may be just to buy some paper, a computer game or a particular accessory or to purchase from a range of equipment, with Kyriacosís product knowledge available to advise you if required.

Apart from the business consulting and point of sales side of his business, Kyriacos particularly enjoys bringing the ever expanding and important world of websites to both small and large businesses. In an initial free consultation, he will begin to get to know a customer and their business needs and in turn offer his guidance as to what kind of website would benefit them the most. From this point on, the journey begins as he works closely with the customer to create a good but reasonably priced tailor-made static or dynamic website. Kyriacosís enthusiasm for this was very apparent while talking to him, as was his dedication to customer service - providing what a customer actually needs at a reasonable price in an efficient and friendly way.

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